Placing a Records Retrieval Order by Subpoena for Law Firms & Attorneys

Attorneys and/or their Legal Assistants can enter the information electronically or upload a pre filled order form for requests in Admissible or Inadmissible form.

Required Tools:

- A Computer/Internet Connection
- Valid Email Address

Things Needed?

- Order/Records Details
- Order Form (if uploading)

Steps to Place a Records Retrieval Order

Step 1: Enter the Place an Order Gateway
You can enter here directly by visiting the URL OR the Client Center Dashboard will always lead you there as well.
Place an Order - Get Started CROPPED
Step 2: Select the Service Records Retrieval for Insurance Companies
Ignore the Add-on button.
Place an Order - RR Legal 1 CROPPED
Step 3: Select Client Status; Current
These instructions are for current clients, please find instructions for New Clients if you are not already a DAS Client. Th party submitting this order may not be the Client. If you are a party acting on behalf of our Client such as an Assistant, select Assistant.
Place an Order - RR Legal - Current 1 CROPPED
Step 4: Select Request Method
Here you'll select whether you want to request in Admissible or Inadmissible form . For purposes of this example, we will select Admissible.
Place an Order - RR Legal - Current - Client - Subpoena Admissible CROPPED
Step 5: Select Submission Type
If you are entering electronically, then proceed to Step 6A. If you are uploading a pre-filled order form, please continue to 6B.
Place an Order - Legal - Submission Type CROPPED
Step 6A: Enter Client Details, Records Pertaining To and Other Info
Place an Order -Legal - 1 ORDER DETAILS
Step 7A: Enter Case Details and OC Details or Clear OC entry.
Place an Order -Legal - 2 CASE DETAILS & OCS & NO OCS4
Step 8A: Enter the Record Request(s)/Location(s) Details
Place an Order -Legal - 3 REQUESTS
Step 9A: Upload Any Necessary Files & Enter Any Additional Information
Place an Order -Legal - 4 FILE AND ADDITIONAL INFO
Step 10A: Review and Submit Order

Step 6B: Enter Client Details, Upload Order Form/Files & Any Additional Information
Place an Order - RR Legal - Current - Client - Upload - Subpoena - Ready to Submit - CROPPED
Step 7B: Review and Submit Order
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