Placing a Records Retrieval Order for Insurance Companies

Clients and/or their Assistants can enter the information electronically or upload a pre filled order form for requests by Authorization with or without Affidavit.

Required Tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.
- Valid Email Address

Things Needed?

- Order/Records Details
- Authorization
- Order Form (If uploading)

Steps to Place a Records Retrieval Order

Step 1: Enter the Place an Order Gateway
You can enter here directly by visiting the URL OR the Client Center Dashboard will always lead you there as well.
Place an Order - Get Started CROPPED
Step 2: Select the Service Records Retrieval for Insurance Companies
Ignore the Add-on button.
Place an Order - RR Insurance CROPPED
Step 3: Select Client Status; Current & Requestor Type
These instructions are for current clients, please find instructions for New Clients if you are not already a DAS Client. Th party submitting this order may not be the Client. If you are a party acting on behalf of our Client such as an Assistant, select Assistant.
Place an Order - RR Insurance - Current CROPPED
Step 4: Select Request Method
Here you'll select whether you want to use an Authorization Only or with an Affidavit. For purposes of this example, we will select Authorization Only.
Place an Order - RR Insurance - Auth Only CROPPED
Step 5: Select Submission Type
If you are entering electronically, then proceed to Step 6A. If you are uploading a pre-filled order form, please continue to 6B.
Place an Order - Insurance - Submission Type CROPPED
Step 6A: Enter Client Details, Records Pertaining To and Other Info
Place an Order - RR Insurance -eFill - Client and Order Details
Step 7A: Enter the Record Request(s)/Location(s) Details
Place an Order - RR Insurance -eFill - Request(s)
Step 8A: Upload Authorization/Other Files & Enter Any Additional Information
Place an Order - RR Insurance -eFill 3 Files and Additonal Info
Step 9A: Review and Submit Order

Step 6B: Enter Client Details, Upload Order Form & Authorization
Place an Order - RR Insurance -Upload - Ready to Submit (3) CROPPED
Step 7B: Review and Submit Order
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