Online Notarization in Texas

With COVID-19 pushing the explosion of remote working, our partners and clients may be having difficulty finding notary services, which is why we wanted to share information regarding the Texas Online Notarization. 

Quietly in July of 2018, Texas passed a bill authorizing online notarization via the Texas Government Code Section 406.101, et. seq.

This law allows parties to complete the notarization process 100% remotely. In order to provide the service of Online Notarization, one must apply to the Texas Secretary of State and be approved.

Generally, to begin an Online Notarization process, the party would need to send the PDF document requiring notarization to the company/person providing notary services. 

From there, an electronic version of the document with an option to sign with a notary is sent to the signer. This option will then send the instructions to both the signer and the notary. The two parties would then connect over live video to complete the signature. The electronic notary public confirms the signer’s identity, witnesses the signature, and assists throughout the process. Upon completion of the signature, the session is recorded in the notary’s electronic notary journal, and the attaches his or her electronic notary stamp.

A few sources to get started are listed below:

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