Record Indexing & Summaries

Law firms and claims departments are leveraging Record Indexing & Summaries to seamlessly create a comprehensive case timeline featuring indexed, ready-for-review records. As an integral technology feature of DAS solutions, Record Indexing & Summaries empowers legal and claims experts to minimize paper handling, streamline record organization, and expedite record analysis.

Record Indexing/Chronology

With Indexing/Chronology, legal and claims professionals can decrease paper handling, streamline records organization, and speed up records analysis by providing a fully indexed timeline for each file. All records are automatically and chronologically organized by date.

  • Basic cover pages, contents table, and bates numbering
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for comprehensive text searches
  • Sorting capabilities allowing filtration by type of record and location
  • Search functionalities for identifying pertinent records
  • Protected access for examination by claims and legal experts
Medical & Billing Record Indexing
Medical & Billing Records Summaries

Record Summaries

Medical Records Summaries:

  • Complete medical chronology of records, including date of service, body part, provider and detailed notes.

Billing Records Summaries:

  • Complete chronology of billing records, enabling identification of providers, type of payment, and unpaid balances.

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