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As the outbreak of COVID-19 intensifies the shift towards remote operations, many of our esteemed partners and clients in the law and insurance sectors might be facing challenges in securing notary services. Records Retrieval services often include the need for notarizing subpoenas, direct written questions, affidavits, etc. The issue is, civil cases request records from all over the state of Texas and notary services must be paid for. This can become costly.

With that in mind, we aim to shed light on the Texas Online Notarization procedure.

Back in July 2018, Texas quietly enacted legislation allowing online notarization, as specified in the Texas Government Code Section 406.101, et. seq.


This groundbreaking statute empowers individuals and entities to undergo the notarization process entirely from the comfort of their homes or offices. To offer Online Notarization services, one must seek authorization from the Texas Secretary of State and receive approval.

Typically, initiating an Online Notarization involves the sender forwarding the PDF document in need of notarization to the chosen notary service provider. Following this, an electronic rendition of the document, equipped with a notary signature option, is relayed back to the initiator. This action prompts the dispatch of guidelines to both the individual seeking the signature and the notary. Subsequently, the duo engages in a live video session to finalize the signing process. The e-notary validates the signer’s identity, oversees the signing procedure, and provides guidance as needed. Once the signing wraps up, the encounter is logged in the notary’s digital journal, accompanied by the e-notary’s digital stamp.

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