Advanced Secure Remote Upload

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our advanced Secure Remote Upload feature, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance and streamline the process of records retrieval. This new function promises not only convenience but also top-notch security, ensuring your documents are transferred with utmost protection.

For Custodians and Providers: Are you dealing with highly sensitive documents, such as medical records? With our Secure Remote Upload, you can now seamlessly and securely transfer documents of any size directly to us. This function has been crafted with your needs in mind, offering an effortless avenue to send protected records without compromising on security.

For Opposing Counsel: Need to send over Waivers of Notice or perhaps other critical legal documents? Look no further! Our platform now accommodates the upload of these essential documents, ensuring that they are delivered directly to us in a safe and efficient manner.

To utilize this innovative feature, simply navigate to the Remote Upload page on our platform. Rest assured, we’ve integrated the best security practices, making sure your data remains confidential and intact throughout the process.

Join us in embracing this new era of convenience and security. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Focus on winning cases/settling claims.

Tired of unreliable service providers and the overwhelming burden of handling litigation support in-house? Discover a world of seamless efficiency and unleash your legal prowess with our innovative solutions.

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