Reviewing Records for Full Accuracy: Why DAS Does It Best

In the complex world of legal proceedings, records retrieval plays a pivotal role. Especially when catering to the needs of law firms, attorneys, paralegals, insurance companies, adjusters, and underwriters in Texas, precision is paramount. One of the steps that demands utmost attention is the meticulous review of records. DAS stands out as a leader in this regard, particularly in the retrieval and review of medical records. Let’s hear from Stephanie Gilchrest, DAS’s distinguished Senior QC Manager, on the DAS edge in this realm.

“With over 16 years under my belt specializing in record reviews, I’ve witnessed the evolution from paper to electronic medical records. The digital era has ushered in challenges; we need to ensure that the data we present to our clients is not only pertinent but also legally compliant. This is where DAS shines. Our deep-rooted expertise in copy service combined with a profound understanding of HIPPA laws, state statute fee guidelines, and the nuanced release of information processes makes us second to none.

Wondering how in-depth our record review process is? Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Quality Control: Every record is meticulously reviewed for its relevance to the client and the specific case.
  2. Accuracy Check: I cross-verify details such as the patient’s name, date of birth, and ensure no unrelated charts are mixed in.
  3. Record Mining: I delve deeper to identify if the patient visited other medical facilities, keeping the client informed of potential additional records.
  4. Client-specific Tuning: I adhere to the specific “dos” given by the client, omitting any unrelated details.
  5. Digital Optimization: Each record undergoes Bates stamping and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to ensure they are crisp and clear when digitally received.
  6. Legal Compliance: I wrap up by filing a certification under section 203 to the court, representing our client.

Unlike many in our industry who’ve turned to a detached, automated approach, we pride ourselves on a bespoke, hands-on methodology. Our streamlined team is our strength, ensuring personalized attention, invaluable insights, and zero oversights that could jeopardize a case’s outcome.

In the domain of records retrieval, DAS is synonymous with relevance, reliability, and precision.

In need of unparalleled record retrieval services in Texas? Reach out to DAS today. We’re committed to delivering the critical information you require.

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