Introducing the DAS Online Client Center

The all-new DAS Online Client Center makes it simple to manage your DAS account. With the ability to complete orders and make payments online, you can ensure the entire document retrieval process happens efficiently and on your schedule!

Why did we create the Online Client Center?

After new owners purchased DAS in 2020, one of our first items of business was to implement an online system for our customers. We wanted current and future customers to have easy access to their accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are pleased to announce that this system is now ready and available for immediate use! 

How does the online system work? 

The DAS Online Client Center makes the process of document retrieval seamless. When an order is created within our online center, a notification is sent to the customer indicating the order is in process. The online center also lets customers know when DAS is retrieving the needed documents. Another message is automatically sent to the client once all the documents are ready to review and approve.

Our office manager, Sharron Hasty, is thrilled about our new system. Hasty states, “The electronic process makes it seamless for the client and also helps us internally, so we do not have to make double entries any longer. It’s a blessing!” 

What are other features of the online system?

The DAS Online Client Center also allows our clients to pay invoices on their timeline and at the stroke of a key. We accept ACH or Credit Card payments from clients. Also, there is an ability for remote uploading. This key feature allows the custodian of records to upload the documents to our HIPAA-secure website. Another great feature allows the opposing counsel to upload any waiver forms needed to proceed with each case. These convenient features allow our entire process to be as smooth as possible!

If you have questions about our new system and need further assistance, please reach out to DAS to schedule your free tutorial.

We look forward to showing you how this seamless option is integrated into our document retrieval process! Of course, if our customers feel more comfortable emailing or faxing new orders, we would be happy to accommodate these requests. The Online Client Center is just one more way DAS is committed to getting the records you need as fast as we can, at the lowest cost we can, while navigating each and every situation with attention to your specific needs and desires.

Contact us today to start the process of document acquisition with DAS, where we promise personalized service like no other!

Document Acquisition Service
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