Relationships and Longevity: Why DAS is an Industry Leader in Record Retrieval

Looking for top-tier record retrieval solutions in Texas? DAS, with over 30 years of unparalleled experience, is the preferred choice of esteemed law firms, attorneys, paralegals, insurance companies, adjusters, and underwriters across the state.

Expert Insights with Sharron Hasty – A Journey of Excellence

As the Operations Manager since 1990, Sharron Hasty is an embodiment of our commitment to excellence. With her vast industry experience, she outlines the core principles that differentiate DAS.

“Our ethos at DAS is simple – every client is our only client. Recognizing the urgency and significance of every record we retrieve is fundamental; these records often dictate the trajectory of crucial legal and insurance cases.

More than just meeting their professional needs, we believe in genuinely understanding our clients on a personal level. This ensures that trust, reliability, and accessibility – the cornerstones of our service – are always at the forefront. When our clients turn to DAS, they’re confident in our unwavering dedication to their firm’s interests. They know that any challenge that arises will be promptly and adeptly managed.

What truly sets DAS apart from competitors is our zest for growth and evolution. In my tenure here, I’ve ceaselessly worked on honing my expertise, always pushing for better. I’ve instilled this mindset in our team too. Embracing change, mastering new legal standards, and navigating the intricate demands of our clients are what have empowered DAS to maintain our sterling service standards consistently.”

Choose DAS for Proven Expertise in Record Retrieval

Connect with DAS today for unparalleled record retrieval services. Benefit from our expansive archive of record requests. With a legacy spanning over three decades, DAS stands as the trusted partner for all your DWQ requirements and beyond.

Focus on winning cases/settling claims.

Tired of unreliable service providers and the overwhelming burden of handling litigation support in-house? Discover a world of seamless efficiency and unleash your legal prowess with our innovative solutions.

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