Relationships and Longevity: Why DAS is an Industry Leader in Record Retrieval

Why choose DAS for your record retrieval services? Just ask Sharron Hasty, our Operations Manager since 1990.

Having spent years in the industry, Sharron knows firsthand the values and advantages that set us apart.

“DAS is unique in that it treats every client as if they are the only client. After all, if each client’s needs aren’t assessed and met with the utmost care, there are no clients. Not to mention, almost every record request DAS receives is urgent, and we treat it as such, as these records are integral to the progression and settlement of the cases at hand. 

In addition to prioritizing each client’s needs, I speak for our entire team when I say that getting to know clients as individuals is core to how we do what we do well. Building strong, mutually respectful relationships is key to their satisfaction and ultimately to fulfilling each of our professional goals—because in this line of work, trust, dependability, and accessibility are everything. My clients need to know that I have their firm’s best interest at heart in retrieving all case-related information. If any issues occur, they need to feel rest assured that I’ll be available to handle them. And they do.

As someone who has invested years in serving clients and firms and now leads our team in various capacities, I should also add that DAS’s commitment to adapting and evolving largely distinguishes us from similar companies. In all my years here, I have never stopped enhancing and expanding my skills to better serve my clients, and I have encouraged everyone under my leadership to do the same. Discipline and excellence, I have found, are the secrets to sustainable success. This is why our team does not shy away from change; we embrace it through ongoing improvement. Because it is by adapting to new legal standards and the complexity of client demands that DAS has been able to provide consistent quality of service over time.”

If you are interested in our record retrieval services, contact us, and gain access to our vast library of record requests today. With over 30 years of experience, DAS is the choice for all your DWQ needs and more!

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