DAS is Your Personalized Boutique Records Retrieval Service in Texas

In the fast-paced world of law and insurance, professionals like attorneys, paralegals, and adjusters understand the significance of dedicating time to case wins and efficient claims settling. The demands of researching custodians, ordering, and organizing records can often deviate you from focusing on your clients. Why engage in internal overheads when a trusted partner can streamline records retrieval for you?

Why Choose DAS for Records Retrieval?

Partnering with a record retrieval specialist not only ensures speed and accuracy but also enhances your team’s overall productivity. While many larger vendors may offer similar services, what sets DAS apart is our boutique approach. We provide personalized attention tailored to the unique needs of law firms, attorneys, and insurance professionals. Our core values center on trust, respect for records, and unwavering integrity, making DAS your optimal choice for records retrieval in Texas and beyond.

Discover DAS:

Document Acquisition Service (DAS) stands as a beacon of reliability and precision in the legal and insurance sectors since 1988. Serving regions like Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, we’ve mastered the nuances of record retrieval over our illustrious 33-year journey. With a blend of seasoned experts and dynamic new talents, DAS remains at the forefront of delivering unparalleled document retrieval services. Our commitment? Merging cutting-edge IT systems with a client-first approach, eschewing the impersonal business models common today.

Phillip Klotz, Owner/Director of Operations & Development, DAS

DAS Experience Highlights:

  • Personalized Case Specialist Support
  • 24/7 Online Repository Access
  • Accurate Records Organization & Review
  • Direct Billing & Digital Delivery Options
  • Secure Tracking for Physical Deliveries

Value-Added Services with DAS’s Standard Records Retrieval:

  • Legal Document Preparation & eFiling
  • Bates Numbering & Template Libraries
  • Record Prepayment & Custodian Research
  • Bound Court Copy & Smart Organization
  • DICOM Solutions & OCR Searchable Text

Engage with DAS Today!

Elevate your document management process by choosing DAS. Explore our website and dive into our online client center to effortlessly place orders, manage payments, and track statuses. Accepting orders online, fax, email, or phone, we’re geared to elevate your records management experience. Don’t settle for mediocre service; let DAS be your dedicated, boutique partner. Reach out now and redefine efficiency!

Focus on winning cases/settling claims.

Tired of unreliable service providers and the overwhelming burden of handling litigation support in-house? Discover a world of seamless efficiency and unleash your legal prowess with our innovative solutions.

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