DAS: Experience in Release of Information

Why Choose DAS for Your Record Retrieval Needs?

For over three decades, Document Acquisition Service (DAS) has been the trusted name in record retrieval, diligently serving law firms, insurance specialists, attorneys, paralegals, adjusters, and underwriters in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. What’s the secret to our success? The unmatched expertise of Phillip Klotz, our Owner and Director of Operations, coupled with our evolving, state-of-the-art record management systems.

A Glimpse into Our Legacy: Where Expertise Meets Innovation

In 1996, Phillip Klotz identified an untapped market within the release of information industry. His venture, Photo-Stat, originally catered to large hospitals and physician clinics. Yet, seeing the unmet needs of mid-to-small-sized clinics, Photo-Stat pivoted to offer them specialized third-party release of information solutions.

Transitioning from paper to electronic records, Photo-Stat innovated storage solutions for paper documents and systems for seamless digital integration into clinics’ electronic medical records (EMR). This innovation bolstered their understanding of HIPAA regulations, ROI industry’s dynamics, and fee structures.

2018 marked a significant transition when Photo-Stat was acquired by Vital Records Control. Although Klotz briefly held the position of Senior VP of the ROI division there, his entrepreneurial spirit led him back to the records retrieval domain. By May 2020, Klotz took the helm at DAS, channeling his extensive experience into the company’s growth.

Our Commitment to Accuracy

With a rich history spanning over 25 years in custodian processes, Klotz brought a unique perspective to DAS. Recognizing the shift towards EMRs, our team now meticulously examines each record upon receipt, ensuring absolute accuracy and completeness. Additionally, our in-depth review identifies potential records from other providers, which we promptly retrieve. This unparalleled attention to detail, offered at no additional cost, makes DAS the preferred choice for countless clients.

Building Relationships, One Record at a Time

Klotz’s enduring presence in the industry has fostered lasting business relationships with law firms, insurance companies, and many within the ROI sector. We deeply value these bonds and our ever-growing client base in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Though we embrace modern, digital processing techniques, DAS remains a boutique firm committed to personalized services, be it digitally or the traditional paper-based approach. We’re here to serve your needs.

Your Partner in Record Retrieval

At DAS, we take immense pride in our unparalleled service, shaped by mastery over the intricate nuances of record retrieval. Ready to partner with the best? Reach out to DAS today!

Focus on winning cases/settling claims.

Tired of unreliable service providers and the overwhelming burden of handling litigation support in-house? Discover a world of seamless efficiency and unleash your legal prowess with our innovative solutions.

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