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Document Acquisition Service (DAS) has provided document retrieval service to those in legal and insurance fields since 1988. In 2021, we are still the optimal choice for Law Firms and Insurance Specialists in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. How did DAS become one of the leading, personalized boutique document retrieval services in the area? Combining the experience of Phillip Klotz, Owner and Director of Operations at DAS, with the highly effective and efficient processes established over the course of Document Acquisition Service’s lifetime, our company is able to continuously expand and develop top-quality record retrieval and management processes and systems.

History and Experience Matter

Phillip Klotz created the company Photo-Stat in 1996 when he saw the niche in the release of information industry was only marketing hospitals and large multi physician clinics. In the beginning, Photo-Stat also marketed to these industries, but put their focus on the need for average-to-smaller sized clinics that needed a third party to handle their release of information. 

Photo-Stat quickly gained traction and expertise and became the largest release of information bureau in the DFW area. Right at Photo-Stat’s inception, paper records were still the only type of medical record. Looking ahead to the evolution of paper to electronic records, Photo-Stat created a niche to store the paper records as needed and a system to help scan the paper records into a clinic’s electronic medical record. This allowed the company to gain great knowledge of the HIPAA laws, fee structure, and the ins and outs of the ROI Industry. 

In 2018, Photo-Stat was sold to Vital Records Control, where Klotz worked as the Senior VP of the ROI division, but quickly realized that “Corporate America” was not his passion. Klotz left Vital Records Control in July of 2019, and soon after he reached out to the owner of DAS, who was a previous business contact. Klotz knew he could bring his experience and expertise to the record retrieval industry, and it did not take much convincing. DAS was sold to Klotz in May of 2020.

Reviewing Records for Full Accuracy

With over 25 years on the custodian process side, Klotz was able to bring an insider’s look to the process. Because of the evolution of the electronic medical record, the DAS team performs mining of the record once it is received. This detailed examination of the record allows our expertise from the custodian side to mine the chart or record to make sure it is complete. This also allows us to determine if the patient may have other records from additional providers that we will need to secure. This is all part of our record retrieval service at no extra charge, and this is one of the reasons clients come back to use our services again and again. 

It’s All About the Relationship

Because of Klotz’ longtime presence in the industry, many lifetime business relationships were created over the years- not only on the ROI side, but also with law firms and insurance companies as well. We are grateful for our dedicated customers and are proud to serve so many wonderful firms in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. As we move forward with advanced technology, the DAS team wants to ensure all clients that we are still a boutique company and we work for you! Processing can now be fully digital, or our team can also process the traditional way with paper copies. You are our client and we meet your needs, not the other way around.

At DAS, we are proud to provide personalized service from a team that has mastered the detailed art of record retrieval. Ready to get started with DAS? Contact us today!

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