Frequently Asked Questions

Requests by Authorization or Inadmissable are resolved in as few as 3 days, with an average turnaround time of 9 days.

Requests by Subpoena with Written Deposition Questions or Admissable are usually resolved in less than 30 days. The delay for this method is caused by required wait periods under the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Turnaround time for requests depends mainly on the custodian’s and opposing counsel’s cooperation. DAS will always follow up diligently for the quickest turnaround time possible, and we will keep you fully informed of any delays.

We can obtain almost every type of record imaginable.

Medical Records, Billing Records, X-Rays, Pathology Records, Personnel Records, Payroll Records, Workers’ Compensation Records, Insurance Records, Telephone Records (local, long distance, mobile), Bank Records, Pharmacy Records, Police Records, Fire Records, Driving Records, Academic Records, Ambulance Records, Business Records

Yes. DAS is prepared to advance fees to custodians or copy services so you can receive your records ASAP. Your office also has the option of providing DAS with “fee advance limits” that will allow us to issue these payments without any consultation with your office. The fee advance costs will be included in your final billing (which will be issued pursuant to your company’s billing instructions).

The choice is yours!

You can receive statuses via email, fax, or, we recommend using our state of the art tracking system. (COMING SOON)

DAS follows up with all custodians in a diligent and professional manner. Our staff is trained to identify uncooperative custodians, as opposed to those experiencing genuine difficulty responding to our request. We will alert the custodian to the necessity of releasing the records and inform them that failure to provide the records may result in a court order. Should they fail to comply, DAS is prepared to work with our clients and serve a court order. We are also prepared to provide you with documentation for your files that will record the custodian’s non-compliance.

Yes. DAS as a general rule will dispute any copying fees from providers, or their copy service agents, that do not adhere to applicable state law. Should they choose not to adjust their fees, DAS will notify your office and will be prepared to serve a court order should you choose to do so.

Obviously, the more information … the better, but DAS’ private custodian database tracks changes in provider information, including: forwarding addresses, current phone numbers and special instructions for how the provider’s process records requests. Give us the information you have, and our staff can do the necessary research to find the correct location and provider requirements.


The custodian will select, sign and certify that there are no records found. DAS will pursue these “Affidavits of No Records” as diligently as an actual record.


Absolutely. While any state rules that may be more restrictive than the federal HIPAA guidelines can supersede HIPAA, the HIPAA guidelines do not invalidate subpoenas. Subpoenas that adhere to the proper process can and should be responded to by the custodian. DAS will do our best to educate the custodians on this point. However, it should be noted that some custodians may take the conservative approach and release records only with HIPAA consents, regardless of the fact that the subpoena is valid.


You can obtain government records with an originally signed release form by the individual to whom the records pertain. Social Security Claim records, Wage Information, tax returns from I.R.S. all take 3 – 6 months. DAS has full access to any necessary forms needed and can supply you with them upon request.

While most may think a subpoena would be more “motivating” for a provider to release materials, it has been our experience that authorization requests result in a better compliance rate as well as more timely production of materials.

Yes, with the appropriate information, we can direct bill your client. Once we have this information we will direct bill on all subsequent orders placed. This also applies to co-defendants ordering copies. Just send us your request with the necessary information. Unfortunately, we cannot direct bill individuals.


Yes, but this information needs to be given to your representative at the time the order is placed. This eliminates any problems concerning billing when the records are delivered.


DAS can handle your requests in a highly prioritized manner. For rush requests, we will contact the custodian prior to issuing the request. DAS will work with the custodian to get you your rush request items ASAP. The custodian may add an additional rush fee to the standard fee as well.



An internal RUSH charge is only assessed when the records are needed within 48 hours from the time the order is placed. This is due to the scheduling changes and possible overtime required to meet your needs.

If the records you receive are incorrect, incomplete or you never receive your records at all, we will re-complete the retrieval process for the correct records at no cost.

If payment has already been remitted for an invoice, and the records you receive are incorrect, incomplete or you never receive your records at all, you can request a full refund or we will re-complete the retrieval process for the correct records at no cost.

Focus on winning cases/settling claims.

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